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Jacqueline asks:

>Did they ask him to be the music advisor for the series 7 (and 8) as
>well before this happened ? (because you said he moved on to Warship
>and other shows).
>Did you work together for a while or did you have to take it all over
>after his death ?

No – Tony Isaac left the series after Season 5 (or possibly 4 – this is from memory). The Music Advisor for Season 6 was Grant Hossack, who left to work on a couple of West End shows; that's where I came in. I knew Tony well, though, because he was sort of related to my then wife – he was my wife's cousin's ex-husband. The aunt was actress April Walker, who may be known to some listers for her appearances on Fawlty Towers and a host of other comedy shows. British television is basically a smallish village – you're never more than two degrees of separation from anyone.
When I worked on the show, I was living in my home town, Glasgow, and commuting. While in London, I stayed with my in-laws, and passed Howard Lang's house on Parsifal Road every morning. There was a pyramid of sea-boots in the living room clearly visible from the street!

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