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On 5/15/07, Elaine de Saxe <> wrote:
> Good morning "shipmates" …
> Just found some more sites which have a tiny bit more on the Onedin
> Line …
> – promises much but
> delivers little 🙁
> – great pix and
> some background info on the series.
> covers many movies/TV series and for the ship-buffs among us could be
> a source of great interest.
> Not sure if this is true but I read recently that the Charlotte
> Rhodes was destroyed by fire in 1980-something … does anyone have
> any definite information?
> Also read that Howard Lang died in 1989.
> And I've been having a real wander about the internet to see if there
> are any more DVDs/Videos past Series 4 and have come up with a great
> big blank.
> And I did a fairly comprehensive search of surname databases and came
> up with another blank. I really cannot find any entries there or in
> telephone books for Onedin. Looks like it is not a surname with a
> family attached. Given all the variations among surnames, it seems
> amazing that someone thought up one which is unique. Does any lista
> know anything definite on the surname Onedin?

I have no definite information on the name "Onedin" as it is, but a
few years ago I was in Stockholm, and was suprised to see a building
on the quay with the word "Anedin" displayed on it. The "A" has a
small circle or ring at the top of it, and the pronunciation of such
an "A" is very similar to an "O". So "Onedin" may be the
"englishified" version of this apparently existing Scandinavian name.
A further link is that the building (or at least the display) I saw
belongs to a shipping line, see


> Drat that we've finished watching all 4 series and wonder if we'll
> live long enough to see series 5 to 8 given the great amount of time
> taken to get even these out.
> Have a great week 🙂
> Elaine in Brisbane, Australia