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I share your feelings about Leonora.. She's one of the most boring
characters in series 3.

Leonora doesn't mind to be "used" by Elisabeth and long as she's
near James…

But when you watch further.and this can be tough concerning Leonora, there
will be a surprisingly end of the "Leonora" story.

It's a good thing The Onedin Line stopped for 2 years after series 3.


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I discovered The Onedin Line a mere couple of weeks ago when it was
on Dutch television. I was always mesmerized by the wonderful theme
song especially after it had been used in a Dutch commercial for an
insurance company.

I was instantly hooked on the show and love each and every character
in it, although some a bit more than others. I have just started
watching the third season (they are on their way home after
searching for rubber seeds) and the one character that I wouldn't
mind toppling overboard is Leonora Biddulph.

I do realize I should feel sorry for her with her naive adoration
for James as she seems the typical naive young girl, but what I
don't understand is that the two Onedin women don't really seem to
set her straight where James is concerned.

Is it really a matter of "I'd rather have Leonora look after
Charlotte and James' household than do it myself?"


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