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I have a long association with the Isle of Man. My
mother lived there as did some other relatives of mine. I spend many weeks a
year in the IOM where I share a holiday home with my brother.
Reading the June copy of "Manx Tails" a
free magazine, I noticed an article about the Laxey mine, and was surprised to
see Mike Billington's name mentioned.
I never realised he was a resident of the island!
Must have passed him in the street somewhere on the island over the years
and never realised!
Although the article is really about a little
railway and not about Mike I thought maybe some of you might like to take a
look at it. So I have posted it here for the time being:


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Hello there,
Yes it is a very sad time for all his fans and of course his family.
If I could ask you all to be patient on this matter, as the news of
Mike's death was supposed to have remained private until after his funeral on
Monday when his family wanted to make a public announcement, this is mainly
for his son Mike Jnr.
If you would like to make a donation for Macmillan Cancer Care or Marie
Curie Cancer Care as this is the request of his family no flowers etc.
As members of Mike's fan team we ourselves have not sent any condolenses
directly as this was the request of his family, and we felt also that now
isn't the time..when we do we will be sure to say that any feelings or
thoughts, sentiments will be passed on will come directly from his fan
community..I will let you know so that you may like to pass on thoughts
etc..or better still put them on the guestbook on the mikebillington fans site
and we will be sure to read them and pass them at the right time.
Mike was 63, and as you may or may not already know, he had been
suffering with Cancer for a few years but had kept that information private,
none of us at the team knew,we were all in contact with Mike very often and
would meet up with him so we were very shocked to learn of his illness, but to
me this shows what a great person he was never to have burdened others with
his own suffering, don't know how else to put it into words..
I hope this answers any questions and please I ask that you all respect
the wishes of his family in terms of flowers etc
Many thanks,
Carie – Mike Billington Fans Team