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I think you a very probably correct. It is not
a technical problem we can assume, since we know that all the episodes
exists on tape as uk gold re-broadcast the whole series a few years
The very best we can hope for in the mean time
is that they are repeated, so it is worth badgering UK Drama with a letter or
email maybe we'll get lucky.
I'm no Sherlock Holmes but I'll contact you off
list and see if there is anything I can do.
ATB Bill. 


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Sent: Monday, September 05, 2005 11:40
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I believe this could be a permissions problem.  A
while ago, a friend of
mine was working (acting) at the BBC and someone
asked her if she had a
contact address/phone/email for an actor.  The
BBC was trying desperately to
find this person as they needed their
signatures for permission for DVD
stuff and past due repeat fees/overseas
sales (no actual details were given
as to exactly which program but given
the name of the people they were
looking for, it seemed likely to her and I
that it was for Onedin Line -
series 4 onwards).

Unfortunately she
had no idea as to their whereabouts, as both of us had
been looking for the
same person for over 2 years with no luck.

The original contracts did
not include VHS or DVD permissions... since they
didn't exist back
then!  If Memphis Belle has run into the same problems,
then it's not
for lack of sales, but for lack of signatures.

If we have any members
on the list who want to do some person searching,
then please email me off
list and I can give further