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Glad you had a good weekend there Carie, yes the NEC is a very large
I worked on one phase of the construction in the '70s and I have only
been back there once for a motorshow some years ago.

I must take the opportunity to go back and have a look around one
I bet it is much bigger now!

I am in the Isle of Man for a couple of weeks, we sailed from
yesterday on the Super Sea Cat car ferry which took just about 2 hrs
to do
the crossing to Douglas, somewhat quicker than it would be in Onedin

That brought a question to mind as we left the dock right next to the
building, although we all know that Liverpool was the port around
which the
story was told, were any location scenes actually shot there?

Pretty well everything was filmed down around the Dartmouth area but
I just
wondered if anyone knew of an actual Liverpool location used in the


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> Hi everyone,
> Just thought I would let you all know how my meeting with Mike B


> last weekend!
> I went to the NEC, which for those of you who might not know this


> a large exhibition centre, and I mean large it took me ages to get
> from the bus stop to the hall where the memorabilia event was.


> of course if you are a cult tv, movie fan this event was the place


> be it was absolutely huge, it took me the two days to get round
> everything.
> I had the opportunity to talk with Mike a few times which was nice,
> in fact I bumped into him in the bar first of all, which was funny
> cos he didn't recognise me as I have changed my hair colour
> drastically!! he came over to me after that, he realised who I


> He thanked me for an article I did recently which is now on his
> website!
> I had the opportunity to give him some of copies I have received


> Bill from series 3 of Onedin, he was pleased with that, especially
> when I told him ICE & FIRE was amongst them as this was his


> episode, I don't think he could believe it!! I had to sort of tell
> him quietly where they had come from!! which brings me to the next
> thing if anyone in the UK would like copies, email me privately and


> will let you know what episodes I have. I say the UK as I have
> already sent some to Helga in Germany, so she will do any copies


> anyone in Europe.
> I found a copy of THE WORLD OF THE ONEDIN LINE I also gave Mike a
> copy of it which he was pleased with, well he thought I wanted him


> sign it, but I said no thought it would be nice for him to keep it,
> as he had happily signed lots of things for me, which was very
> generous of him, he truly is a nice guy, and nothing like FOGARTY,
> for a start Mike smiles alot, and he is a lovely person, and I feel
> priveleged that I have met him, I wish some of you could have been
> there to enjoy it too..
> Well I hope you all have enjoyed reading this, btw the group has


> a bit quiet lately, where is everyone???
> All the best shipmates!
> Carie