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> Hi Michael and welcome to the group.
> Funnily enough I have just translated the article Marianne refers


> in her reply to your message. It appears in a Dutch magazine


> Story and was published in 1979 I believe.
> Mary wanted to be written out of the series as she wanted to do


> stage work. One of the main things she talked about in the


> was that she hated wearing the costumes which she found very tight
> and constraining. She much preferred to wear jeans. She


> as have other cast members, how close everyone was who worked on


> series.
> Mary asked that Sarah be killed off but that she die in a gentle


> such as pining for her late husband Robert, she didn't want Sarah


> die a violent death. Instead the scriptwriters sent Sarah off
> travelling the world (which never quite rang true to character to
> me). I guess they decided too many of the regular characters had
> died, including Letty at the start of series eight, and so came up
> with another explanation as to why Sarah didn't appear in series
> eight.
> Does anyone know what happened to Mary Webster after Onedin Line?
> I've got info about a few TV programmes she appeared in during the
> 1960s but have found absolutely no references to her after


> And is Mary still alive? I think she was 44 at the time of the
> interview which would make her in early 70s now.
> Diana

Thanks for this Diana. I always wondered if MW had died between
Series 7 and 8, since there's nothing on the IMDB database for her
after Onedin, and am glad to learn that this at least wasn't so. I
suppose Sarah as a character owes her survival to Jill Gascoigne,
for if JG had stayed and Letty hadn't had to die of diptheria Sarah
probably would have been the death at the start of Series 8 and been
sent to join Robert! It seems a pity that MW didn't do the last
series though, having been in the programme since the beginning. I
have scoured the internet for any info as to whether MW is still
around, but found absolutely nothing. Does anyone else know anything?