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Hi all,
Well, I suspect what you say is quite true, in regard to progress, well isn't that testament to the sociey is now, very throw away? If it doesn't make money, or isn't worth anything, let's knock it down and start again!
When I visited Exeter quay recently, you can see that it is very similar to what you see in Onedin, but they have yes you guessed it built dockside flats, luxury apartments, that really spoils the oldy worldy look! Dartmouth is probably one of the few places that still looks exactly like it did when Onedin were there.
Mike also gave me another location that they used as well, apparently, I didn't know this but some of you here might, that Anne Stallybrass wasn't the first choice to play Anne Onedin, he did tell me who it was but I can't rememeber here name!!, they used Bristol docks to re film the pilot with Anne in the Anne Onedin role.
He also told me about Edward Chapman, apparently he used to hold up filming quite alot, as he was lets say fond of a few drinks or two!! so that's why his character was written out.  I don't know if any of you have the books, but the character is in the story alot more than is portrayed by the tv show.  Mike did say he thought that was a shame as Edward Chapman was a fine classical actor, and he rather admired some of his other acting roles.
Ok I will shut up now!!
Take care all

"richard.dodds2" <> wrote:

Hello All,
In response to Bill's question regarding locations.
I was never aware of Liverpool being used for any Onedin filming, I don't believe any period warehousing or quaysides were left undeveloped by the 70's but also the Mersey is a muddy & fast flowing river when the tide turns with a large tidal range, most if not all the docks were accessible only by lock gates which wouldn't have made it suitable for economical location filming.
I remember the crew of the 'Soren' bemoaning the barring of Exeter docks to tall masted ships due to the motorway bridge being built, I believe some filming was done there as their buildings, particularly those of the maritime museum, were unadulterated.
Gloucester docks I know were used primarily because the warehouses were still 'as built' & I presume the local council encouraged the arrival of the ships. Sadly I see the builders are in & soon all the dirty brickwork will be scrubbed clean & the docksides will take on the look of so many British docks, that of up-market flats & offices. Thankfully Tommi Nielsen is running the two drydocks there so hopefully ships with bowsprits & yards will still make the journey & gladden the heart of this landlocked sailor.
Falmouth was another port in favour with the film companies. Large docks, clean blue sea accessible at any time of day or night, cobbled Napoleonic quaysides (now built on by flats & offices!) nearby large country houses & period doors & alleyways for street scenes. 
The Cornish coastline gave the oportunity to test the imagination as it became either the Bulgarian coast or a jungle river or a tropical island, or any other location required. Versatile place Cornwall.
Another port which might have been used in the early days of the Onedin Line is Ipswich. I sailed in there on the Norwegian full rigged ship 'Sorlandet' back in the early 80's, the inevitible road bridge was about to be completed so I suspect this little dock is now no longer available to larger sailing ships. Progress?

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