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I was crew on the Soren for the Falmouth filming & lived in & around
Falmouth for many years.

I don't know the episodes but we filmed a scene where the ship was
boarded by (Bulgarian?) ruffians at the mouth of the Helford River &
at the same anchorage (I think) the stunt man fell from the yards
into the sea, we were possibly shooting scenes for several episodes
at once? I remember being made up for the fight scene with cuts &
blood trickling down my face & of the great consternation about my
footwear, Clarkes 'pasties' remember those?? However, they filmed
the fight from a dingy circling around the ship & we all looked like
matchstick men on the rushes!

Another site was an old 'D'Day embarkation point at Turnaware Point
up Carrick Roads just downstream from King Harry Ferry (do the
crossing to St Mawes anyway, it's fun). I think it was when James &
Bansie were kidnapped??

A lot of the time was spent alongside in Falmouth Docks, nothing
much to see there even if you could get into the docks.

Various doorways in and around Falmouth were used, one in particular
up Market Street, near the top on the righthand side, steep steps
leading down to an old quay but it's probably all lost in the
development of the waterfront at that end of town.

Banies ship that blew up was a 12ft model launched at the docks &
floated over to the beach at Flushing. Knowing permission would not
be granted for pyrotechnics within the harbour it was done very
quickly without permission! The bang was teriffic!!! Sadly no one
had noticed we were close by the fuel barge where fishing boats &
large yachts would refuel & sure enough, the alarm went up & out
came the lifeboat thinking the worst had happened. Television
people, I ask you!!! I think the BBC gave the lifeboat & the
Harbourmaster a healthy donation.

That's all I can think of for now, pm me if you want any other info.

Richard ('Captain Mangled', injured skipper of fishing boat James
picked up) Dodds.

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> Hi shipmates,
> I am planning a trip to Cornwall and Devon in August. Of course I


> to visit the locations where the Onedin Line has been filmed. Now


> all know it was at Dartmouth and Exeter for the most part, but also
> Falmouth and Charlestown are mentioned. Does anybody know which


> (in which episodes) have been filmed there, anything you can


> at once?
> Erika