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> Hi all,
> I have to say my least fav character is Sarah, I find her so

irritating, she moans, whines, always complaining about money, and
her and Robert are a pair of ostriches, if they don't like what they
hear then, the just bury their heads. I cringe every time she is in
any scenes, she has to be the most selfish character!!!

> Carie<

I tend to agree with you, Carie. One of the best lines regarding
Robert occurred (wow, I have NO idea about the season numbers!)
shortly after his death and Sarah was consulting a medium for
consolation. James (being our typical James) tells off the medium
with a classic, "My brother was a pompous overblown fool while he
lived…" and I laughed so hard I didn't catch the rest.
But a little word in Sarah's defense (I hope): mightn't she more
accurately represent the "typical" 19th century Victorian woman in
more ways than the educated and competent Anne or the beautiful and
manipulative Elizabeth?