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Glad you found us here. The list has only been running for a few weeks
(thanks to Deryck for setting it up) and is doing very well so far.

If you have not already seen it check the files area of this group where
there are a few scanned articles and also some nice video stills in the
photo area.

Did you ever get a reply from Peter Gilmore and Anne Stallybrass?


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> Last week I discovered this group and I immediately decided to join!
> I thought it nice to introduce myself, as this is only a small
> group. As you might have figured out, I'm from Holland and I have
> been an Onedin Line fan since I was 13. Actually, the series had a
> great impact on my life. I had just started secondary school and I
> couldn't learn English quick enough, just to be able to write to
> Peter Gilmore and Anne Stallybrass. English became my favourite
> language and when I got older, England became my favourite country!
> My first school trip abroad was to London (I could have chosen Paris
> but for me the choice wasn't difficult). After I had passed my
> exams, I went to London and worked there as an au pair. I had a
> marvelous year, and it really changed my personality (before I went
> to England I was a very shy 19 year old girl from a loving but
> protective family). Since then I made many trips to England (3 times
> last year!) and ofcourse I visited Dartmouth and Exeter. I don't
> have much information for you, because it was hard to get
> information at the time the series ran in Holland. So, I am looking
> forward to finding out new facts and see photo's and articles I
> haven't seen yet!
> Kind regards,
> Margriet
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