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As far as I know, Jon Pertwee never appeared in TOL, however he was the
actor who played the 3rd "Doctor Who" taking over the role from Doctor #2
Patrick Troughton, and then passing the role to 4th Doctor Tom Baker (who wore
the 12-foot multicolored scarf).

In the few episodes I was able to see back in the '70s, Michael Billington
was indeed a better "fit" for Daniel Fogarty. Unfortunately the way the
different TOL series filming was scheduled, Mike wasn't available due to
other project commitments to continue the role although he said he would have
liked to, so they got a "close enough" look-alike to take over.


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Who was John Pertwee in the cast?? I loved Michael Billington, and
although his replacement (can't think of name) was very good too, so
smooth and
such a wonderful voice, Michael had that rough and ready, tough around the
edges bad boy quality that was so appealing. Would love to have seen him
the role with Elizabeth in those later years.

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