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Who was John Pertwee in the cast?? I loved Michael Billington, and
although his replacement (can't think of name) was very good too, so smooth and
such a wonderful voice, Michael had that rough and ready, tough around the
edges bad boy quality that was so appealing. Would love to have seen him in
the role with Elizabeth in those later years.

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I could borrow a quote and say "Everything has its time, and everything

News of anyone's passing is sad enough without it having to be someone
we've gotten to know. I was greatly depressed when Michael Billington (and
Pertwee) passed, as I had corresponded with them both many times, Michael
Billington many more times, and I miss not getting letters from Mr.
and e-mails from "Mike" as he said to call him. So, I share in the feeling
of loss over Mr. McKenna's passing.

However, to turn the phrase, rather than dwelling on how many Onedin
we've lost, let's give due mourning to those we have, but let us also
think of all the Onedin people that we still have left to us, to
with, possibly meet one day, and have a chance to talk with.


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First Mervyn Haisman, and now …

Very sad to read of the passing of Tom Pat (T.P.) McKenna, who played an
Irish mountebank in the last series of Onedin. I was always a huge fan,
grabbed the opportunity to get to know him when he worked on the show. A
delightful, funny man who had a helpful word for everyone. Well, nearly
everyone. I expect he and Pennant Roberts are now back at each other's
in the BBC Club In The Sky.

There'll soon be no-one left from the show at this rate. Look at how many
Onedin people have left us in the last six months.

Bill Scanlan Murphy

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