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Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 7:53 AM
Subject: [shiponedingroup] Ice and Fire

> Hi Bill,

> I am perfectly willing to try however I doubt if I have the software
> or the memory to copy the disc on my PC which is rather ancient. I
> would love a new PC!!


No problem at all.

I have recorded Ice and Fire to the PC but I am still having difficulty with
it, the sound is way out of synchronisation with the video (it's ok on the

I have a program that is supposed to correct this but not used it yet, this
digital video is a steep learning curve! I have only previously dabbled with
small avi clips.

When I have overcome these problems I will make say 4 or 5 copies of it and
will send one to you, and the others to whoever wants them. No doubt someone
will then be able to supply further discs to list members if they are

Let me be very clear about the quality of the video. If anyone is expecting
DVD quality then they will be disappointed. My copy of the episode runs in
the little window of the media player and is good enough to follow the
story. It is not good enough to run as full screen video.