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Bill, I am sure he will answer you, the only thing with his guestbook is you can't always fit everything in, sometimes you may have to post a couple of times in order to get it all on so that it can be read, Michael is aware of this but for some reason, can't understand why it does that, we had a brief conversation about it when I met him!!!

Bill <> wrote:

Well, I tried a message in the guest book on his site, you never know...


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> Bill,
> Maybe he would enjoy talking to everyone here, but you can also go to
> his website, which has a noticeboard you can post questions there
> which Mike is always happy to answer, but I am sure you all already
> knew that!! Perhaps we should invite him to join, as Michael told me
> himself when I had the great pleasure to meet him last year, Daniel
> Fogarty was always his favourite role!!
> Carie

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