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Maybe he would enjoy talking to everyone here, but you can also go to
his website, which has a noticeboard you can post questions there
which Mike is always happy to answer, but I am sure you all already
knew that!! Perhaps we should invite him to join, as Michael told me
himself when I had the great pleasure to meet him last year, Daniel
Fogarty was always his favourite role!!


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> Maybe Michael would like to join this list, now that really would be
> something!
> Bill.
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> > Bill,
> >
> > Thanks for the welcome! I have spent some time already looking

round the

> files etc, and I have to say what an impressive collection. Sadly

I don't

> have much of one concerning Onedin Line, however I do have a Radio


> special magazine from 1973, which I have lent to Michael

Billington for his

> website!!
> >
> > Carie
> >