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Hi there, Brenton Welcome!

Have to agree with you about the series, I doubt we will see anything as
well made again.

There is some interesting info in the file area of this group about the

Meanwhile a little question of my own. Can anyone who has DVD of the series
tell me the episodes list on the DVD version, and if they are edited
together or are in separate episodes. I have looked around sites like Amazon
etc and I can't quite figure out what you actually get.

It would seem there is a 2 DVD available, I can play DVDs from any region so
what I am looking for is (preferably the episodes version) at the best price
with the most material on them.

TIA Bill.

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> Hi there a big hello from down here in New Zealand, just joined
> yesterday, glad to see there is such interest in one one the best
> period dramas ever made!
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