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I have just joined this website and thought I'd say hello. As many of
the other posters have remarked it's nice to find you are not alone!!

I have been a fan of the series since 1971 and admit that it's
probably my all time favourite series. I don't remember the pilot
episode as I wouldn't have been allowed to stay up that late, but
certainly from when it became a proper series. I have the first
series in it's entirety on VHS (the BBC rescreened it when afternoon
TV started in 1986) and then the the rehashed second series on VHS
which I bought last year.

My children 12 and 6 saw it for the first time last year and were
instantly hooked – we had to watch the lot over a very short time as
they wanted to know what happens next!! I am afraid the hankies still
had to come out for Anne's death 30 years on!!

As one who doesn't have satellite/cable/digital I think the BBC
should have a classic drama slot where some of the great series of
the past can be reshown. We still have endless reruns of US crime and
SCIFI so why can't we celebrate our own home grown drama?

Anyway, I have a memory for odd facts so I may be able to help with a
few odd facts from time to time.