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Hello Erika,
My name is Anne and I am from Australia.  Like you I was about 13 or 14 when I first saw the Onedin Line and immediately fell in love with the ships and the characters.
I have the first 2 series on video but I believe no more have been or will be released.  Such a shame, the show had a big following here too.
I saw the whole series right through to the end but as it is such a long time ago, I don't accurately remember all of it.  I do know that the ending was happy for some and sad for others.  If you haven't already found out how it ended I'd be happy to try and remember for you.
I was really pleased to find that this wonderful series had such a big following and that fans can talk to each other about it.  Nice to meet you and hope to hear from you,

bastet1958 <> wrote:

Hello everybody,
I joined this group recently and I would like to introduce myself.
My name is Erika and I live in the south of Germany. I have been an
Onedin Line fan for over 30 years now. It has fascinated me from the
beginning, when I was a girl of 14, but even now, as a woman in her
midforties, the series has the same thrill for me. I think it's the
blend of fact and fiction, of adventure and romance, of good script
and excellent acting which makes the series so outstanding and unique.
The first episode of the Onedin Line ever shown in Germany was
broadcast by Bavarian television on Oct. 25th, 1972.I still remember
it well; we only had a black-and-white screen then. In Germany, the
Onedin Line ran on the regional channels, not the federal ones. This
meant that there was only little information about it in the
magazines. I
collected every litle scrap I could find, but all in all
it was not much. So I was delighted when finally, nearly 30 years
after its start, I found information on my favourite series in the
internet! In fact, I've learned more about the Onedin Line in the
past 3 years than in the 25 years before!
In 2001, I discovered the "inofficial website of the Onedin Line". I
thought it was excellent and contacted its creator, a young Cambridge
student. We exchanged several e-mails, and the young lady was very
kind and knowledgeable. Then suddenly, in Oct. 2002, the site
vanished from the web. I tried to contact her by e-mail and even by
letter, but got no replies. Does anyone know what has happened to the
website or to the girl who created it?
I haven't seen the whole of the Onedin Line. The last thing I
remember was that both Letty and Charlotte were pregnant. So if
somebody could give me a rough outline how the story continued to its

very end, I would be most grateful.
Now I am looking  forward to Dec 21st, when the German channel NDR 3
will start series 1 of the Onedin Line. They have planned to show
only the first 6 episodes. I hope this is a test, just to see if the
series still appeals to the public, and more will follow in the
So much for today,
hoping to hear from many members of this group,

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