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Hello Bill

Thanks for the reply. I ma afraid that even though our PC is very
new we do not have a video/TV card in it so the option is gone.
Though I expect someone can do it professionally along the lines
of 'transfer your old wedding cine film to VHS' that was around a
few years back!

I have the DVDs of series 1 from PLAYBACK as an insurance policy as
although the vidoes were not played for several years the children
discovered the series 2 years ago and it has become standard
Christmas viewing (nothing else decent on the box etc!!). Not that I
have had time to watch them as I can't just do it in little bursts
and tend to get engrossed….

I am hoping that series 2 comes out on DVD soon so I can sort out
the videos for that as they are getting a little stretched too. I
have been wondering about these DVDs from Memphis Belle but I am not
too sure about them.

I am not sure why the entire series is not out on video/DVD as other
good series such as 'Upsatirs Downstairs' are – why has it been

I have passed my address to Helga so I am hoping for an exciting
letter some time, as are the kids eho want to know 'what happens

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> > I have the complete first series on tape (from the last BBC


> > in 1986) but have you any suggestions as to how I could get it


> > CD/DVD?
> >
> > Fiona
> Depends.
> If you want series 1 and 2 on a DVD to play through a normal

player to your

> TV, the best way is maybe to buy them on DVD, although I think 2


> are missing, Cry Of The Blackbird and Bloody Week.
> If you prefer to copy your own tapes then probably the easiest way

is to use

> a stand-alone DVD player / recorder, although I have not seen any

discs done

> on them myself I am told they can produce excellent results.
> If you want to do this with a computer it will need to have:
> 1 A DVD burner drive.
> 2 The PC needs to be a recent, fast machine with a hard drive

large enough

> to keep at least about 20 – 30 gigs of space free for the

capture / editing

> of the tapes.
> 3 Have suitable capture / TV capture graphics card.
> 4 Have the necessary software (and you have to learn how to use


> I knew very little about all this when I started capturing the

episodes, it

> is a very steep learning curve.
> Some idea of what is involved can be had by browsing this site:
> I found that capturing from VHS to DVD needs tapes that are very


> quality to start with. My experiments produced all kinds of

problems and

> mostly produced video that looked bad on DVD although it was

reasonable on

> the original tape. Only the very best quality VHS recordings made

good DVD,

> some were very good, unfortunately my tapes of the Onedin Line are

not good

> enough for DVD.
> I found the best trade-off for quality, storage size and reliable

copies was

> to adopt the mpeg file settings I found by experiment which

results in a

> file size of around 500 Mb per episode, this easily fits on a CD-

r. Another

> big advantage is that there are no difficulties with differing TV


> around the world. Any computer anywhere will play them.
> This fitted with my idea to preserve the series for myself as my


> degrade each time they are played, also it allows me to share this


> classic with the members of this list who have never seen the

whole story.

> The episodes I have encoded will only play on a PC (or Mac) using


> Windows media player, (or get the free download of the better


> ).
> These are NOT DVD quality (and cannot be played using a DVD

player) but look

> ok full screen on small monitors (say 15") Also I am quite happy

with them

> on my 17" TFT computer monitor, although some people would not be

I expect.

> My pc has a graphics card that allows it to connect to a TV, the

results on

> this are almost as good as the original tapes.
> I just keep hoping one day soon the whole thing will be available

on DVD,

> until then my mpegs will have to do!
> Bill.