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Hi Carie,
In Dartmouth you will find Bayards Cove, this is the quay which is used most in series 1, 2 and 3 in combination with the quay in Exeter.
When your in Dartmouth it's nice to visit the pub just at the beginning at Bayards Cove as there are pictures of The Onedin Line taken during filming.
There are good sites on internet, use search Dartmouth and you get a lot.
Have a nice weekend
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Date: dinsdag 24 februari 2004 15:40:54
Subject: [shiponedingroup] filming

Hi all,

I just wanted to confirm I have my info right, so I wonder if you
will all help me?? The filming was in the Old Quay Exeter, as well as
Dartmouth harbour?? I would be grateful for help here, as I am going
to the West Country this weekend to visit friends, so I thought I
would take a trip as they aren't far from there, but I just wanted to
make sure I have the right locations so any help would be gratefully
received. I will take pictures etc, and share them, just thought it
would be nice to see what it looks like now!