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HI all,
A fan meeting would be great, but perhaps I have missed something , where would it be?
However I would love to be a part of it, I am sure Mike would love to join in, he almost never seems to do conventions or anything that involve the Onedin Line. I think it would be just great if Peter and Anne could be a part of it as well, does anyone know how we could contact them and find out?? as well as Jessica, does she have an address we could write to and ask, once of course things are organized?? Philip Bond as well that would be good too….perhaps we should get on to the idea and see what we as a group can come up with, I think it is worth looking into???

Mathias <> wrote:

Yes, we should realize an Onedin fan event next year. I think, Mike
Billington at least would like to come.
When I see that he's time enough to correspond with his fans on
notice board, I will believe that.
And I believe, Jessica would accept an invitation too. Anne &
Peter…I don't know. They are already a little bit older and
the Onedin Line is history for a long time.

Other proposal: We could make a common international Onedin Line
Fanpage in English, Dutch, German and pehaps in more languages. The
first step is done. Of course, I know, we all have not so much spare
time. Anyhow – this another great wish of me 😉


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