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If you need hosting, let me know.  I run
my own webserver (Windows 2003 Server) and would be happy to help.


From: Mathias
Sent: Saturday, June 05, 2004
10:50 AM
Subject: [shiponedingroup] Re: Fan


  • Yes, we should realize an Onedin fan event next
    year. I think, Mike

    Billington at least would like to come. 

    When I see that he's time enough to
    correspond with his fans on

    notice board, I will believe that.
    And I believe, Jessica would accept an
    invitation too. Anne &

    Peter...I don't know. They are already a
    little bit older and

    the Onedin Line is history for a long time.

    Other proposal: We could make a common
    international Onedin Line

    Fanpage in English, Dutch, German and pehaps
    in more languages. The

    first step is done. Of course, I know, we all
    have not so much spare

    time. Anyhow – this another great wish
    of me 😉