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I am interested in the fan meeting idea.

I think that Jessica will maybe not be involved, she dropped out of the
public eye deliberately.

After the Onedin line (I know she appeared in a stage production at
Salisbury IIRC and found it too stressful, you can read about it in the
files section) I believe she had enough of the limelight.

Some years ago I found her address in Dorset using I wrote asking
about some aspects of the series, I never received a reply. The 'phone
number was there as well but I figured it would be invading her privacy if I
used it. So I did not.

I believe that we should respect her privacy if that is what she wants,
although obviously I to would like to meet here some day. We should as a
group be responsible and think how we might feel if the rolls were reversed
so to speak.


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> Great news!!! 🙂