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Well I am going to try doing each episode, starting with the ones that are
not available commercially. I believe this is from no.6? Someone can perhaps
confirm this, there is no point in copying commercially available episodes
unless someone somewhere cannot obtain them.

The clip you have seen is very poor but I should be able to make a vast
improvement on that once I have my new capture card. If anyone is expecting
DVD quality they will be disappointed!

But the programmes will be watchable and I hope be enjoyed.

nautnaut has been in touch with me about what standard we should adopt and
has given me some very useful guidance. We have also discussed how to
distribute around the list members and have come up with some useful ideas.

Looks like the encoding will be sized to fit each episode (50 minutes) on
one CD-r as a mpeg file which will play on any PC. There will be no problems
with differing TV standards around the world that way.

My aim to start with is to produce 6 episodes. If I am correct about what is
available commercially these will be:
Passage to Pernambuco
The Homecoming
When My Ship Comes Home
A Very Important Passenger
Cry of the Blackbird
Shadow of Doubt

(I'll also do Ice and Fire as a "one off" as there was so much interest in

Why 6 episodes? Well they will fit nicely on a data DVD +-R "Master" that
will replace 6 CD-rs for postage purposes hope fully these will cross the
continents be copied for local list members to CD-rs and then the DVD sent
on across the next ocean. Rather appropriate considering the content!

After that I will capture another 6 episodes as time permits and so.

Just remember that I am not making any promises here if for some reason I
find the scheme is unworkable or too expensive I'll have to think again.

I keep trying to download nautnaut's clip from the file area but keep
getting the "The document you requested is temporarily unavailable because
this group has exceeded its download limit. Please try again later."
message. I'll be interested to see what that is like.


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> Hi Bill,
> Just tried your sampler, as you say not great quality but still any
> chance to see a small snippet of Onedin Line is much appreciated!
> I would certainly be interested in any chance to have a copy of any
> episode passed series two, I would tend to favour the Cd-r option, I can
> forward copies to any one this far down the map (New Zealand/Australia).
> Well good luck and thanks for all your efforts, I'm sure we all really
> appreciate it!
> Cheers,
> Brenton.