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Hi Bill,

thank you very much for your offer to do this.
I can understand the problem, I got the same. Currently I make DVD's
for private use from my VHS tapes. It's a very expendable job, I know.
Because them I've buy a high grade tv card, now I can record direct
from the receiver to harddisk in near DVD quality. Unfortunately I got
only the episodes from series one, recorded since 21.dec. 2003. I'll
hope that all 83 episodes could brodcasted by NDR. They are in
negotiation with the BBC about the rights to continue the series.
Especially I'm looking for the eight episodes, which never was
brodcasted in Germany:

11. Mutiny
12. Cry of the blackbird
17. Pound and pint
18. A woman alone
19. Fetch and carry
20. Yellow Jack
27. Bloody week
39. Over the horizon

I plan to add plot summaries of these missing episodes to my website.
Perhaps could anyone post a short summary.
I would be very grateful and I think the other fans from Germany too…