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What about p2p or Bittorrent?
At work we had the same problem, untill we all used kazaa (lite).
Make an avi, put it in your shared folder e.g. Onedin_title, and all
can download from your pc. It takes a while, but it will be worth it.
This is a great option for dsl users.



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> > Otherwise your only hope is if someone taped the episodes off UK
> > Gold/other source and can copy them for you.
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> > Diana
> I have every episode on tape but it is not really feasible to

copy / share

> them on vhs.
> Quite apart from any legal implications.
> The sheer number of episodes (IIRC 90+) and the time it takes to

copy them

> is the start of the problem. Not all are very good quality although

they can

> all be viewed and copied. Then there is the problem of posting the


> which is comparatively costly in itself and mounts up, as something

in the

> region of 30+ cassettes would be needed for the entire series!
> What I am looking into is to perhaps copy SOME of the episodes as

AVI files

> onto my pc and then see if I can make one episode fit on a CD-R.

This could

> then be viewed on any pc with Windows Media Player. The quality

might not be

> wonderful but you would see the episode.
> The obvious advantage is that the media is cheap to buy and send

through the

> post. Such discs can be copied quickly and with no further loss of


> and then could be sent to another group member. You get one, make a

copy (if

> you can) and send it to someone else and so on, no cash changes

hands so

> perhaps the legal copyright situation is better although of course
> technically it would still be against the law.
> So I'll ask this question, is there an episode that has not been


> that anyone particularly would like and I will make it the basis of


> experiment to see if the idea is workable? Would everyone like now

to vote

> which episode?
> No promises,
> Opinions?
> Bill.