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Hi Bill,
What a great idea! As I am a great big fan of Michael's I know one of his favourite episodes was FIRE and ICE, he mentioned it when I met him so perhaps you might like to do that one, I would love to see what he is talking about, he describes this episode as a classic, as you all know he loved the character of Fogarty, it is funny, I have only came across The Onedin Line because of Michael, as I was little when it was shown on tv I always remembered the music!! I have all the episodes from series 1 and 2 and love watching them over and over, especially Mike (daniel) his portrayal is wonderful, although I haven't seen Tom Adams as Daniel, he worked with Mike when he was episode of UFO!! I personally think that Mike's role as Fogarty was some of his best acting.
Sorry enough from me, but it is so nice to talk to people who appreciate what I am saying (I Hope!)

Bill <> wrote:

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> Otherwise your only hope is if someone taped the episodes off UK
> Gold/other source and can copy them for you.
> Diana

I have every episode on tape but it is not really feasible to copy / share
them on vhs.

Quite apart from any legal implications.

The sheer number of episodes (IIRC 90+) and the time it takes to copy them
is the start of the problem. Not all are very good quality although they can
all be viewed and copied. Then there is the problem of posting the cassettes
which is comparatively costly in itself and mounts up, as something in the
region of 30+ cassettes would be needed for the
entire series!

What I am looking into is to perhaps copy SOME of the episodes as AVI files
onto my pc and then see if I can make one episode fit on a CD-R. This could
then be viewed on any pc with Windows Media Player. The quality might not be
wonderful but you would see the episode.

The obvious advantage is that the media is cheap to buy and send through the
post. Such discs can be copied quickly and with no further loss of quality
and then could be sent to another group member. You get one, make a copy (if
you can) and send it to someone else and so on, no cash changes hands so
perhaps the legal copyright situation is better although of course
technically it would still be against the law.

So I'll ask this question, is there an episode that has not been released
that anyone particularly would like and I will make it the basis of an
experiment to see if the idea is workable? Would everyone like now to vote

No promises,



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