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I will gladly do this, I already offered to do this for Helga, but bearing in mind I use my Dad's equipment to do copies, I will literally only copy the copy you send if that makes sense!!
Many thanks again, Bill I am sure I speak for everyone, we appreciate the hard work this takes so that you may share with everyone else, on that note, I will gladly share, copy and pass them on, hoping that everyone will do the same.

William Whittaker <> wrote:

Carie, and all list members,

So far I have captured the following to the pc hard drive with a view to distributing them to list members.

Dirty Cargo from series 7 (Was done as an experiment to see if people thought the format was acceptable to be able to see the episodes, from the feedback I have received it would seem they are.)

3_1THE SHIP DEVILS Some of you already have this.

This includes the 2 episodes one from series 1 and one from series 2 that were not released commercially.
(These have been mailed to Brenton in NZ so all you people in the Southern Hemisphere should talk to him if you want a copy).

And I am now continuing with the whole series.

So far just one more episode has been done:
(I have adopted this method of numbering the episodes: In the above file 3_5 means 3rd series 5th episode.)

Now I come to distribution.

Working closely with nautnaut and Brenton, the Southern hemisphere and USA / Nth America are taken care of.

What I now want to do is find a list member in the UK / Europe who would like the rest of the episodes (1 episode on a CD-r) and who would undertake to make a copy to send on to another list member who will do the same and so on. Before long everyone would be catered for.

I only want to have to make copies to go to these 3 sources, since this part of it all costs me money, and 3 x 80 odd sets of blank media + postage even if spread over a period of time is significant cost (to me anyway).

To re-cap. I will only send out 1 copy for UK and Europe for free, whoever gets it must undertake to make at least 1
copy and forward it on to someone who will do the same.  A CD in a padded envelope (without the jewel case) is a first class stamp to anywhere in the UK. The most this should cost for one copy to Europe including the cost of a the purchase of a blank CD-r should be around £1, I think the postage was about 69 pence. Not much to receive an episode of the Onedin Line I would say.

All this has to fit in with other things I have to do so some patience will be needed, I suggest rationing the episode you watch to 1 per week for the time being!
So does anyone want to take part?


(This does not apply to some people who for one reason or another have made special arrangements with me e.g.they have no CD burner).

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Sorry to bother you about the discs you kindly did, but I need to know if you have done copies of any other of the episodes, other than Dirty Cargo, The Ship's Devil ?? perhaps you could answer this for Helga as she wanted to know, regarding further copies.

Many thanks Bill,


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