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Sent: Monday, March 29, 2004 1:48
Subject: [shiponedingroup] Episodes on
cd-r first 3 episodes ready to go?
We need to know  who in the UK wants the
Then figure out who I send out
the discs to first
That person will copy the disc and send it to the
next, one of those must be willing to send a copy to Europe. (Logically the
last in the chain in the UK).
And then of course, who wants copies in Europe?
And again one person will then copy the disc and send it to the next etc.
Perhaps those of you on mainland Europe could arrange that between you?
European listees will have to find the UK
member who is going to make and send their copies and work it out with them.
The two unreleased
episodes from series 1 and 2 (Cry of the Blackbird and Bloody Week) will be
included as a first package of 3 discs along with
the first episode of
series 3 (The Ship Devils) as soon as we have this sorted out.
I will check, it may be possible to send out 2
episodes (2 discs) at a time in the same packet for the same
postage cost. If so 2 will be sent each time to my recipent, or whatever works
best for me.
Just once again let me say, the quality of the
video is adequate when viewed in Windows Media Player in the
default window. The are not intended to look good full screen, and they
will not. You can get the latest player from M$ as a free download from their
The VHS recordings were made about 12 to 14
years ago, many on a cheap VCR. This means the picture is not always stable
and there can be "noise" bands at the bottom of the image. There is nothing I
can do about this. But you will be able to follow the story and by the time we
get into series 4  the situation improves as a good VCR was used to
record the rest of the series.
So If some one wants to be first in the chain
send me your snail mail address.
Hope all this makes some sense.