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Hi Bill,

good idea to have descriptions of a l l episodes.

There is a website available with descriptions of the episodes in SERIES
2 : guide/summary/showid-1616s/season-all.

If more group members are interested in having descriptions, it might
be a good idea to share the task of providing them? I'd be willing to
contribute a few descriptions, if necessary.


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> Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 21:17:14 +0100
> Subject: [shiponedingroup] episode description
> From: "Bill" <>
> To: <>

> I was just wondering if there was any episode descriptions / synopsis
> anywhere?
> If not, might be an idea to write a brief description of each episode
> and stick it in the file section so we can check which episode
> contains which story line?
> I'll do this from time to time if anyone would find this useful.
> Thoughts anyone?
> Bill.