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IIRC he may have been based a little on a real life shipowner called
James Baines (hence the splittng of hte name between Willaim Baines
and James O. ) Baines was from a small shopkeepers family like JO,
but I dont know that mcuh about his career, excpet that I think he
may have become bankrupt although he had been very suceessful for a
time. IIR he was a mroe flamboyant character than James, liking ot
party and spend his money freely…


> I believe there might also have been some inspiration for James

Onedin from

> the real life character Duncan Gibb,
> I think, but I can't be sure now, he was mentioned by Cyril Abraham

in the

> radio interview I previously referred to. My mother was a big fan

of the

> story, and I had taped the radio interview for her, the cassette was
> knocking about for a long time but I don't know where it is now. A


> because it would be really interesting to hear it again.
> Bill.
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