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Hi Marianne; my mistake – I cannot read Dutch – it's only three series from e.bay.  Assume you have them aswell ?  are there many people keen on the Onedin line in Holland ?

Marianne van Hilten <> wrote:

Hi Pete,
Welcome to the
Where did you get series 4??? Only series 1, 2 and 3 are released and the company who distributes the Dutch DVDs told me last months there will be no series 4 because they have problems with the rights.
I also took a look at eBay and can’t find anyone who sells series 4.

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Hi folks, have just joined.  I've also just bought the first four series via e.bay – they're English with Dutch subtitles; does anyone know if any other series are available yet ?
Pleased to join the group.  The series was the best costume drama ever – along with so many great memories of that fabulous decade – BBC at it's best, we will never see the like of which again.

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