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I've used Tesco DVD -R, CD-R and some DVD +R. This must run into hundreds
of discs by now as I archive my VHS tapes to disc.

I don't honestly remember a failure with one of the discs except where I'd
screwed something up.

I'm using a NEC 4550A burner which is a couple of years old in the PC.


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From your email you seem to have tried out several brands of DVD
blank discs. I have a Sony DVD recorder, a desktop PC fitted with a
Sony DVD writer and a Lite-On writer, and an old IBM notebook with an
IBM-branded DVD writer made by Panasonic. I've had my fingers burned
with a couple of brands of blank discs which haven't worked in some
or all of these. I now use Imation or Verbatim (including double-
layer if needed) and these work OK in everything I've got.

I see you mention Tesco discs, and a friend uses these in his DVD
recorder and for his computer with no problems. Have you found any
problems with these?