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That is interesting, because I think I can remember something about the
original Drama Playhouse version, which I actually saw on TV. The memory is
very vague now but……

In this James had the idea of sending back the empty wine casks at full
freightage charge as sole agent but carrying the wine free of charge from
Portugal. He got the idea after seeing the broken vinegar cask in Robert's

The difference was that in the Drama Playhouse version the trick was to
disassemble the casks into their component parts, which meant they took up
very little space and he could carry a great number making much more profit
per voyage (coopers at the other end reassembled the casks).

In the first episode version, this idea is not mentioned.

Probably more than you wanted to know!


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> In answer to Bill's query, I don't think I saw the Drama Playhouse
> episode when it was originally broadcast. Unfortunately, the BBC no
> longer have it in their archives. However, everything I have read
> about it indicates that the story is almost if not entirely the same
> as "The Wind Blows Free" episode one of the series. It was simply
> refilmed, though some filming from the DP version may have been
> retained i.e. some of the sea scenes.
> For anyone who's not aware, Sheila Allen actually played Anne
> Webster/Onedin in the Drama Playhouse version; she was then
> unavailable for the series and Anne Stallybrass was offered the
> part. No disrespect to Sheila Allen, but I can't see how anyone else
> could have made a better Anne than Anne Stallybrass!
> The rest of the cast were the same in the "pilot" and episode one.
> However, Peter Graham Scott, who produced series one to three, was
> not the producer of the Drama Playhouse pilot, and I think there was
> a different director as well.
> For more info on Drama Playhouse (both Onedin Line episode and other
> programmes), visit and checkout
> the Drama Playhouse area. You can find some Radio Times
> articles/pictures re the episode here.
> If anyone else has any more queries, feel free to post them on the
> site or e-mail me and I'll do my best to answer.
> Regards to all my shipmates.
> Diana
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