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In episode 3 – "Other Points Of The
Elizabeth (Jessica Benton) was to accompany
Daniel Fogerty to dinner (Michael Billington, my other favourite actor and
character in the series, played the role of Fogarty to perfection.
Michael must be one of the most underrated talents in the acting world). She was
to be introduced to meet his boss Thomas Callon (Edward Chapman) as
Daniel's intended wife.
The scene is one of the more memorable, her mood
changing and Daniel nearly persuades her, then she throw a tantrum and he ends
up going to the appointment on his own.
Classic series, classic story, and a class


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anyone like the character Elizabeth?
Elizabeth was one of my favourite characters.  She had wonderful
strength of mind for a woman of the times and wasn't content with sitting at
home.  As I remember she had as good a business brain as James and the
competitiveness between them was thoroughly enjoying to watch.  Being of
the fairer sex myself I loved how Elizabeth would not be told what she must do
by anybody, particularly a man.  She was great.
Anne in Oz.
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In, "gduch2001"
> she has lots of redeeming
qualities, she is tough, intelligent (it
> was unusaul - soem might
say a litlte unrealistic- for a woman to be
> running a business like
that)... she is a loving mother, she is a
> kindly employer (by
Victorian standards), she is a good sister to
> James - adn a good
friend to Anne and Letty... and she is good fun as
> well, and likes
to enjoy life.
> G
> >
> She is a little bit spoilt being the youngest in the family and the

> only daughter.
> > But she is a very brave young Victorian
woman having her own will
> wanting more of life than just the
security of marriage and  her
> brains works as well as
> >
> > The life would be quite dull in
Liverpoll without Elisabeth, her