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she has lots of redeeming qualities, she is tough, intelligent (it
was unusaul – soem might say a litlte unrealistic- for a woman to be
running a business like that)… she is a loving mother, she is a
kindly employer (by Victorian standards), she is a good sister to
James – adn a good friend to Anne and Letty… and she is good fun as
well, and likes to enjoy life.


> She is a little bit spoilt being the youngest in the family and the

only daughter.

> But she is a very brave young Victorian woman having her own will

wanting more of life than just the security of marriage and her
brains works as well as James's.

> The life would be quite dull in Liverpoll without Elisabeth, her

explosions are refreshing!!!

> Maija
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> I am rewatching the first three seasons of The Onedin Line again


> it has reminded me of how much I dislike Elizabeth. Does anyone
> actually like the character and can suggest any redeeming


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