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I also have the stories and a scanner. When I have some time I will scan
them and put them on the site. But please have some patience!!!


Diana wrote:

Yes, I
have copies of the stories but, most unfortunately, I don't
have a scanner.  The stories in Woman are rather long otherwise I'd
type them for everyone to read.

These stories cover the period from a month or two after Anne
dies to James meeting the Biddulphs as in the first episode of series

One of the stories is about the steamship and the jealousy between
Elizabeth, Emma and Sarah - they all want the ship named after
themself but when James announces it will be called the Anne Onedin
they are forced to shut up out of respect!

Another story is about a female who turns up expectedly on Robert &

Sarah's doorstep - she turns out to be Sarah's sister who Robert was
seeing before he switched his affections to Sarah - the sister is now
a prostitute.  Elizabeth senses there is a mystery with the woman and
tries to find out more.


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