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I did not find any reference to Cyril Abraham interviews when I checked a
little while ago on the Beeb or the British Library online search or indeed
with a Google search.

Not completely given up hope because I was given one of those new-fangled
cassette recorders as a present sometime around 1972, there is a couple of
carrier bags full of audio cassette tapes recorded over the years that I
have never had the time to go through. On a rainy day when I've nothing else
to do……. 🙂

Mostly I know these are recordings of pop music off the radio – quite a
little time capsule in itself! Just might be something on Cyril Abraham on
one of them.


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Hi Bill,

Yes, I can remember the days of taping the sound off the TV and glaring
at anyone in the family that made a sound while you were taping!

That's really