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That is a very good offer.

But I would not trust my copies of the series to the postal service! They
are irreplaceable, at least till the series is shown again (I hope!)

And since many of my tapes were recorded on the lp setting (to make the most
use of the tapes which was false economy but vhs cassettes were expensive
for me in those days) the quality is poor to start with, so making and
sending copies of these for transferring to DVD would not be a very good
option either.

I am interested to know about the recorder you have and your opinion of it.


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> Hi everybody,
> Think I can help you all (if you give me the time).
> I have a DVD recorder which also copies PAL videos to DVD.
> For me it's only a matter of running the video and record on DVD.
> Think the only problem is I live in Holland (or not for the die hard
> fans).
> You can send me the original video and some blank DVD -R (I can also
> provide the DVDs at costprice)and I copy it for you. P&P for you and
> the recording is free.
> Let me know what you think of this so we can make a plan how to manage it.
> Marianne