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— In, Elaine de Saxe <coolowl@…>

> Good morning … at last we've got our first 4 series of the


> Line. And so far the quality has been equal with that originally
> broadcast except they ran three episodes together as they were on


> Here is the Memphis Belle website:
> and while it's all in Dutch, you can get a free (and not too bad)
> translation at
> I gather from reading the BBC website that they don't post outside


> the European Union – and their prices, like those of the ABC in
> Australia, are very high. And here is a currency converter
> I have written to Memphis Belle asking if they are going to put


> rest of the series on DVD and if they are going to have each


> separate. My suggestion is that anyone who thinks this might
> influence their decision to go to the website and fill in the


> form. It can't do any harm and might do us some good.
> Best regards
> Elaine in Brisbane

Many thanks Elaine for the 3 helpful websites!! I live in Germany and
have watched the series in the 1970s in german. Have the parts of the
4 series on tape and DVDs. Can't get enough of it.
Barbara from Bavaria