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Thanks for info on River Fal – I have done a few trips up the Fal between Falmouth and Smugglers Cottage at Tolverne – but didn't really recognise it.
Perhaps it was the camera angles. I noticed in these series that rather than many of the wide shots the cameras had fairly narrow field of views possibly to conceal locations.

I also find it interesting to note in these series that unlike Series 1 to 4 the credits do not acknowledge the locations.

Was this due to a change in BBC policy?


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I don't know for sure in series 5 & 6 exactly where all the scenes were but when I was crew on the Soren Larsen�for the last series we did a lot of filming out of Falmouth and over in the Helford River. I recognise any jungle river�scenes as being right up the river Fal�near King Harry Ferry. I guess these waters were occasionally used in earlier�series.

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Just been watching the Memphis Belle editions of Series 5 & 6.

Gloucester Docks are easily recogniseable and having done trips on the Bristol channel on PS WAVERLEY and MV BALMORAL I am fairly familiar with the coastline.

Howevert, I have had difficulty identifying locations used for the coastal filming. Never appeared to be much of a problem when filming was done down in Devon.

Anyone have knowledge as to where coastal and shore scenes were filmed?

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