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There is a very good ship hire company is Bristol called Square Sail, they've supplied ships for many films – they have a forum on their site and may have people reading who could give you some more help?
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> Greetings, All,
> I know I don't post much (all right – hardly ever), but I finally have some information that I thought the group might like. I've been gearing up to build a model of the Charlotte Rhodes, and while searching for as many images of her as I could, to gather as many details as possible, I came across a lovely lady named Sheila Norton who had sailed aboard her back in the '70s. She had taken some photos, mostly black & white, while aboard. There are a few showing some good details of the wheel and binnacle, some of the bulwarks, and masts. A few of the images look a bit light, but a little adjustment to the contrast in a photo editor will bring those details out nicely.
> Ms. Norton kindly send me a link to the site where the photos are posted: http://www.darkspac charlotte_ rhodes/. This is the list page, so just click on any link there to load a photo.
> Fair winds,
> Dino
Hi Dino,
Thanks so very much for the wonderful pictures- I loved them!
Greetings from Bavaria, Germany –

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