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I got some more info on this from Maija (thank you)

The young woman, in white dress, above Charlotte is the actress, who
comforted Samuel called Helen Doyle (real name Jeananne Crowley)and
on her right is her father Fergus Doyle (T.P. McKenna). Above
Elizabeth Seth Burgess (Michael Walker) and the tall man above Mrs.
Gibson is Carles Marston (Maurice Colbourne).

I'll see if the yahoo file area will allow a html page with the text as a
footnote and photo embedded sometime.

ATB Bill.

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> I don't remember exactly where I came across this photo, but it was on a
> website somewhere. I found it while doing a bit of a system clean up. It
> uploaded to the files area.
> File : /onedin line.jpg
> Description : Cast and production crew about 1978?
> You can access this file at the URL
> Judging by the actors it must have been from one of the later shows as
> Hartong (Charlotte Onedin) is sat next to James' left. To his right (left
> we look at the picture) it looks like, Mary Webster (Sarah Onedin), Jill
> Gascoine (Letty Gaunt / Onedin), Christopher Douglas (Samuel Onedin), and
> Jessica Benton (Elizabeth Onedin / Frazer / Fogarty / Lady Fogarty)