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hi Ron, what do you find unnerving? Im a big big fan of the show, I
ahave seen all the eps whn I was a child, or v nearly and I've got
some of them on video, so I can bore you wiht information…

Im wondering are you misunderstanding the term aristocrat which in
England is applied to a v small minority who are rich, well bred anad
mostly who were landowners. Thye were thte ruling class in the 19th
C , but gradually people from the midldle classes who began to make
large fortunes in trade or industry began to take part in politics,
to buy up landed estates and generally to become part fo the ruling
elite as well.

JO is typical of THIS rising class.. he starts off as a shopkeeper's
son, not poor but far from rich. His family own a small business.
Anne, his first wife, is not higher than him socially – or perhaps
just a tiny bit. Her fathter was in the Navy, which is a tiny cut
above trade, and he managed ot buy a ship to make some money in his
old age. However, he is not much a businessman and he is alos a
drunk which is why he ends up deciding to sell the ship for ready
money. and Anne then suggests to James that if he were to marry her
and take care of her, he could have hte ship for free.

not sure what you mean by Her sister?


> I do not doubt your info since you may have seen the
> show from the beginning (I did not as I only caught
> some eps on PBS in the States). However I find it a
> bit unnerving that (wasn't his first wife into
> shipping? Her sister (?) was wasn't she) so I wonder
> how JO could have married her in the first place. She
> may have been out of his class in the Victorian age.
> Ron
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