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Hi Stuart,
Not really (though possibly puzzling). JO was
basically an aristocrat from the beginning (?) and
married Anne to gain the shipping line. WB was just a
common sailor who worked his way up. Though it does
seem confusing at times why JO would not consider WB
his equal (when it was Capt. WB) it is sort of the
caste system of the victorian era.
Searching for WB in Labrador would have been the
code of the sea (going to another's distress) and
not necessarily mean they were buddy-buddy.
I have not seen all the eps but what happen to Anne
Onedin? Did she die or get a divorce from James?
— stuart_fanning <>

> Does anyone else think it strange that, in the main,
> the
> Baines/James Onedin relationship didn't develop all
> that much. If
> you look at their relationship during the first
> couple of seasons
> and the last two seasons, it hadn't changed that
> much. Surely over
> the 20 or 30 years they were together Baines would
> have grown in
> self confidence so that there relationship would
> have become more of
> one of equals. Obviously it couldn't completely as
> Baines was a
> senior employee, but Onedin's growing reliance on
> Baines over the
> years should have pushed things in that direction. I
> think Onedin
> would have accepted a more equal relationship, but
> the series
> scriptwriters really didn't develop the Baines
> character very much.
> Onedin obviously cared for Baines as the long search
> in icy Labrador
> proved and the naming of Onedin's son William at the
> endof the
> series.

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