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Hi Barbara,


Welcome to the group. I’ll try to
answer all your questions.


Don’t really know why
Elizabeth is called Isabel
and Albert is Elmer in the German synchronization but likely the names are easier
to pronounce.


The books re. The Onedin line (I recommend
them all):


The Shipmaster

The Iron Ships

The High Seas

The Trade Winds

The White Ships

The Turning Tide


The book “The World Of The Onedin
Line” is a must have for an Onedin fan. The first section is about the
Onedin family, the second section reviews the reality behind the series; a good
historical review about real life in the 19th century about life on
the sailing ships and the last section is about the making of the series, how
they managed to film at sea and also what went wrong.


The Radio Times Special also gives inside
information and an overview about series 3.


At the moment only series 1 to 4 are
released on DVD. It’s likely that other 4 series will be released but don’t
know when.


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Hi to all,
I just became a member a few weeks ago. Have been a fan of the Onedin
TV series since it showed on german TV, think in the 70's. Was thrilled
when I purchased my first tapes and DVDs and could listen to all of the
original voices and dialogs a few days ago. Funny but James's sister
Elizabeth is
named Isabelle in the german TV episodes and books!??
Can anybody tell me if there are any further books after the "Iron
Ships"? Also can anyone recommend the following books: Cyril Abraham's
The Onedin Line : Turning Tide by Bruce Stewart, World of the " Onedin
Line" by Alison McLeay or "Your complete guide to the continuing
of BBC1's " the Onedin Line"  and to the real life saga of the
sea in
James Onedin's 1870s ( Radio Times' special.  What are they about? I
ordered most of the Series 1-4, ( on tapes or DVDs ) can you also
obtain further episodes?
So lots of questions. To me, I was born in Plymouth ,
live in
since 1968 and am married with 2 children. Also a member of you for any answers.