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Yep they sure are stupid , I rang them up and they said I wasn't the
first to do so and promised to call me back on monday to let me know
what has happened.

I assume no one has had a reply to emails about the series 3 – the
end , I have sent loads of emails without a reply.

Whilst I was on the phone I asked about series 3 etc and they said
they would ask about that as well – maybe everyone in the group should
ring instead of emailing and see if we get anywhere.

— In, "ss9slbee" <Ss9slb@h…> wrote:
> Well I must admit UKTV Drama have made a classic blunder, tune in to
> watch series 2 and what's this get the series 1 episodes instead?
> it made me chuckle but then I'm lukcy to have them on dvd I pity the
> poor people who set their video's to record thurs and fri nites
> episodes, talk about getting a wee bit confused. Anne and James back
> together….Without even a hint of a breakup…And back to find a
> warehouse…
> To make such a mistake once and not realise it was bad ennough but
> make it two nights in a row…Well someone isn't doing their job
> properly!