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The first couple of seasons of Lovejoy are great, but then it turns silly.
My wife and I just watched the first season of CHEF, which was highly
recommended, but it was awful. Nothing like Fawlty Towers, which was
great… to the point of being the best farce I've ever seen.

If you like ONEDIN LINE, you'll also like POLDARK. The whole series is
available. I'm talking about the 1970s series with Robin Ellis, not the
1990s Poldark, concerning a younger generation.

I also enjoyed the lesser known A FAMILY AT WAR, about a English family
dealing with the early days of WWII.

Bill Longyard

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Hello! ..and to Elaine, and Bill, and Sgflikchik thank you very, very much
for your replies. You know, my husband and I have only seen the first 8
episodes and already we are loving this series. (Have any of you seen the
Horatio Hornblower series?) And to think we have another 87 or so to
go…it's nice to anticipate that. Back several years the James Herriot All
Creatures Great and Small made us feel as if we were living in that
series…they do such a great job on these series. We adore the Lovejoy
series also. Have only seen the first season of that. Here in USA we have a
company, Netflix, that has tons of old and new stuff that you can order
online with a subscription…very little fee, and get prepaid postage
return DVD's as often as I order…we reserved the remaining seasons of
Lovejoy…and then I checked online about The Onedin Line and they don't
have that, but I plan to call them and ask if they can get something that
will play here and still give them a return on their investment…my next
step is to check out my DVD player and television, to see if they have
hidden capabilities… I have a multi region VHS player….and here also
around Feb 17 (or so..the scheduled date has already been pushed back once)
this entire country is changing from analog signal to digital signal…this
may influence us as to whether we get a new DVD or TV …..The Onedin Line
originally came to my notice while looking over the offerings in my local
library…but they only have the first 8 episodes…they are probably
subject to the same shortage of availability…O.K., I'm off to check out my
current DVD player and TV……

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On 23/01/2009, at 9:07 AM, elsieh wrote:> I am dumbfounded as to why they
won't offer these for us folks in > region 2And I am dumbfounded why they
have ANY region at all!! A lot of the old TV programmes are region-free (eg
Lovejoy). Since the episodes are not showing anywhere that I know about, I
don't see the reason for the region. Not that there is any real reason
except a cash-grab for the regions, anyway but I'm not going to sort that
one out in the next 5 minutes ;-)On the subject of PAL and NTSC – from the
mid-80s I had a TV which played either format without a hitch. Even my old
VHS machine had no problems – and it's more the TV than the player btw. I
would be very surprised if today there is any TV less than 20 years old,
never mind DVD player which would not play either format with equel
dexterity. The VHSs machines and DVD players sold here all have 'NTSC
playback' emblazoned on them. Working from the other end, perhaps the ones
for sale in the US have 'PAL playback' somewhere on them or in the book. My
understanding is that the chips necessary are cheap and it is simpler and
therefore economic to make all the units the same rather than make
specifically for a country or region.And it's long been a source of
frustration that Onedin, with its world-wide popularity, is still
languishing without being available as a boxed set. Just in the last 12
months we've bought sets of Pie in the Sky, Tenko, Waiting for God to name a
few. All far newer than Onedin and probably less popular. There is a hitch
somewhere – a bottleneck – I'd love to know what it is or who it is and give
them a kick somewhere significant. People are waiting patiently with money
burning a hole in their pockets and the people in control couldn't (so it
seems) care less about their customers. Aaarrgghh.Elaine in Brisbane,

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