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On 23/01/2009, at 9:07 AM, elsieh wrote:

> I am dumbfounded as to why they won't offer these for us folks in
> region 2

And I am dumbfounded why they have ANY region at all!! A lot of the
old TV programmes are region-free (eg Lovejoy). Since the episodes
are not showing anywhere that I know about, I don't see the reason
for the region. Not that there is any real reason except a cash-grab
for the regions, anyway but I'm not going to sort that one out in the
next 5 minutes 😉

On the subject of PAL and NTSC – from the mid-80s I had a TV which
played either format without a hitch. Even my old VHS machine had no
problems – and it's more the TV than the player btw. I would be very
surprised if today there is any TV less than 20 years old, never mind
DVD player which would not play either format with equel dexterity.
The VHSs machines and DVD players sold here all have 'NTSC playback'
emblazoned on them. Working from the other end, perhaps the ones for
sale in the US have 'PAL playback' somewhere on them or in the book.
My understanding is that the chips necessary are cheap and it is
simpler and therefore economic to make all the units the same rather
than make specifically for a country or region.

And it's long been a source of frustration that Onedin, with its
world-wide popularity, is still languishing without being available
as a boxed set. Just in the last 12 months we've bought sets of Pie
in the Sky, Tenko, Waiting for God to name a few. All far newer than
Onedin and probably less popular. There is a hitch somewhere – a
bottleneck – I'd love to know what it is or who it is and give them a
kick somewhere significant. People are waiting patiently with money
burning a hole in their pockets and the people in control couldn't
(so it seems) care less about their customers. Aaarrgghh.

Elaine in Brisbane, Austrlia